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Commercial | Ben and Jack Studio 




We’ve worked with Hyperx on a few commercials now. We shout some really lovely content of Ida with a bunch of smoke grenades on a rooftop in london 

We also shot an announcement video for HYPERX with England footballer Dele Ali. A fantastic experience for me personally as a lifelong Spurs fan!

Being asked to shoot this next commercial was probably the most fun one yet!





This project was an online advert which we filmed for hyper x. Like with the smoke grenade film, we had the wonderful talent of Peter Bromfield directing us. Even though this would end up online we still wanted to give this project a really high end feel and air it look similar to a Christmas advert you’d see by the big players. We loaded EVERYTHING into the van and set off for north london


The Advert 


Our subject enjoys gaming. He has a crew that he plays online battle games with often but his comma kit isn’t as functional as his long range sniper

After an exciting exchange in online combat, his online soldier gets killed due to his cobbled together not fit for purpose headset malfunctioning 

We don’t know this at the time but his teammates obviously have a chat when he’s not there and they decided to buy him some gaming headphones for an upcoming holiday

He receives his present, can be heard and can hear crystal clear and he joins a battle with his gaming buddies



The Shoot


The idea was for this commercial to look high end. Because of this we shot on our trusty RED Raven. We used our Sigma ART lenses and really got to the our time with the lighting set ups as we had to shoot 5 scenes throughout the day. For the main scene we shot with our litepanels with an octo 5  from DOP Choice  to get a perfectly even spread of light over our talent. We had a blast with the filming as we all got to read the script out and really immerse ourselves in the shoot. We were really happy with how the scene looked




Undoubtedly, the most fun part of this shoot for me was when I was let loose with the snow machine. The look on my face says it all


Whilst this wasn’t any particular holiday in specific as this advert was to be played all around the world, we wanted a snowy exterior. The snow machine looked excellent and we really got the kind of look we were going for to give that warm, feel-good feeling


Happy Holidays!!!!


Ben Marlow

Jack Tompkins