Ross Harris Live

Live Music Video | Ben and Jack Studio 


2020 really wasn’t a great year 

So it was a lovely surprise to start 2021 with a bang! This shoot came out of nowhere too which made it all the more enjoyable and you already know how much we love a music video!

Ross Harris , an unbelievably talented singer/songwriter, asked us to film his next project which was a live recording of Ross playing a set for Liam Payne’s final online concert Liam Payne’s ‘The LP Show’, a show of live music with a host of different  artists supporting Liam

We had actually met Ross when he came and worked on one of our shoots as an actor for Karakuri

We really wanted to retain a live vibe as all of the music was being performed in a concert format so decided to film three versions of each song and kept the best take. When it came to editing, we were spoilt for choice as Ross and the band nailed every single one!

Ross is an undeniable talent. Everything from the songwriting, arrangement and his incredible voice were all singing together in harmony on this night. Backed by an equally talented band with James on keys, Paul on guitar and his very own brother Luke Harris behind the drums

The band played the songs together beautifully and Ross didn’t miss a note on vocals. It was amazing to be in a room full of musicians with such a huge amount of talent all doing their thing. The sound and mix was absolutely incredible all thanks to the incredible Chris Hewitt

Tech bit. We used our whole arsenal on this shoot. We used a RED Raven, Canon C200, Blackmagic Pocket 6k Cinema Camera, Sony A7s3, Sony A73 so we had a variety of different camera systems all needing to be colour balanced and looking like they were shot with the same camera. It was an intense day of colour correcting to get all the cameras looking cohesive. We colour graded the project in Davinci Resolve, which is absolutely brilliant for colour correction and colour grading

We would like to thank Ross for choosing us to work with him. Also thank you to Paul, James and Luke for entertaining us with their fantastic sonics. Thank you to Chewitt for making it sound even better and finally a big thanks to Clara for providing us all with some lovely behind the scenes photos 

Ben Marlow



Jack Tompkins