Ben made his first film when he was 15 years old. A very shaky and cobbled skateboard video. It would shape his love for filmmaking forever. After filming a lot of family members weddings it became a job and Ben went to create Kissing Gate Films, one of the UK’s leading wedding cinematography companies before moving into a more commercial, fashion and documentary direction

Studying at Loughborough University launched Jack into his dream career of creating sports films. A mutual friend introduced the two of them and Jack joined Ben on a shoot and the pair never looked back. Within a year, they had merged both of their companies together to form Ben & Jack Studio

Ben and Jack Studio offer unparalleled value to a range of clients from small startups to large global brands. Bringing better films faster, Ben and Jack cut out the middle man. Having both worked on large scale productions for large production companies, they know how to get a project done. Owning all of their own kit and their combined experience in pre, production, and post brings their clients a premium product at a very competitive price.







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