KARAKURI – A Promotional film for a Robot


It’s funny how the world works 

I have known Barney for a number of years now our paths crossed around the turn of the millennium, so fairly long time ago it’s fair to say

The way that we would then meet again was in pretty random fashion but a very welcome blast from the past nonetheless! Here is the story behind this promotional film

Barney actually saw our lockdown music video for Pena Colabra but it’s fair to say that even if the music wasn’t great he enjoyed the video! One out of two ain’t bad. He then got in touch because he needed some promotional work done for his new robot


Jack gets amongst it!

Jack gets amongst it!



It’s fair to say that I was in complete awe and I went down to the car recovery studios to see DK one. The amount of work and design that has gone into making this robot is truly phenomenal when you see the innermost workings of it. We were tasked with creating a video that shows the order process from start to finish so we made our way down to Karakuri recovery HQ to start shooting. We wanted the video to be nice and clean and simple showing the process showing the working arm of the robot, showing the delivery and also showing the made up food bowls when DK One had finished working it’s magic 

Safe and efficient. Not to mention health and tasty!

Safe and efficient. Not to mention health and tasty!


The Shoot

It was really fun to program the moves into the robot until the engineer exactly what we wanted the arm to do so we could film it in a certain way. We managed to get into the machine with go pros and suiting through windows within the machine to get as many angles as we could to show what a feat this robot actually is

We actually got Bradley Lucas in to do some after-effects and titling so we could really show off the main features of the robot too

DK ONE - An absolute marvel in engineering

DK ONE – An absolute marvel in engineering

Filming robots was new for us but we are really happy with how the final product turned out and it’s safe to say that I would love to be filming robots again sooner rather than later. Cameras, light, robot equals the shoots dreams are made of. Here is our behind the scenes look at the shoot

Thank you for watching

Ben Marlow



Jack Tompkins