Written by: Ben Marlow (Instagram: @benmarlow) 14th July 2020

Ben Marlow has over 25 years of experience in the video production industry. In this blog Director and Director of Photography Ben shares his view on how best to get new video production clients.

 Ben shares the approach he applies to get work for his video production agency “Ben and Jack Studio” and how over his career he’s taken on new clients and build up a regular client base.

Ben discusses his thoughts in our latest video here…


What is the best way of getting new clients?

I see getting new clients and new work falling into two categories, online and personal.

At the beginning of your career you will need to have much more of an online presence because you haven’t built up a client base yet, which means in turn word of mouth may not be getting you the connections you need.

When you are most established you need to make sure you can maintain those clients and continue to deliver a great product and also be a joy to work with.

No matter how good your work is, if you’re a diva on set people will be reluctant to work with you again.

Be helpful, be kind, be conscientious and fun and always do a great job. You will be invited back again and again. At this stage word of mouth might start to work it’s magic.

I look at my clients as being a shop window for my work. When asked who shot a certain video for them, they will be much more inclined to put someone that they trust forward. This can start a snowball effect and then clients of clients become clients and clients of clients of clients become clients.

And plus it’s just nice to be nice anyway!

Of course Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all good extensions of your work but in a lot of instances it’s just your peers who see this work and not potential new clients. This can become a very dangerous place as we are trying to please the wrong crowd. 

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many people see a post, it matters when a client sees them.

So in summary social media is great, but I believe that personal touches and long lasting relationships are a far more valuable way of getting new clients and new work.

Although this may be more of a long term approach, I’ve found this to be a tried and true way of opening doors and getting new opportunities. Word of mouth is very powerful in this industry and building a great reputation is key to being someone that people want to recommend to their peers and colleagues.

Do a great job and be an enjoyable person to have on set, this to me has proved the key formula for getting new video production clients.


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